Fuel cards amic

Working with card payment system FDI "amic UKRAINE" has the following advantages

  • Works in real time, which allows you to quickly activate or deactivate the available options, features, services
  • Contactless cards are issued free of charge and adjusted according to the requirements of the client / owner
  • Works inter-exchange sharing mode that allows to use cards of the network partner stations
  • For the customers / owners (businesses and individuals that offer cash or fuel expense) implemented to manage invoices, cards and services through user-friendly WEB interface and simple "My Account", which lets you on-line:
    • View balance for all accounts
    • Show last committed transaction
    • Wrap funds between monetary accounts customer / owner
    • Lock and unlock cards
    • Change client / cardholder
    • Change Pin-code cards
    • Change the active services on the cards
    • Change the limits on the cards
    • Generate various reports on all cards for a given period
  • Ability to set limits on the cards to purchase goods and services:
    • The overall limit - limits on the amount of funds which may have services not automatically updated
    • The daily limit - limiting withdrawals from the account on a specified number of L / amount UAH., depending on the type of account
  • List of filling complexes serving fuel cards AMIC


1. Download and read the contract
2. Fill and send form
3. During the day we generate funds and will send it to you for your e-mail

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Шановні клієнти, ПІІ «АМІК УКРАЇНА» повідомляє Вас, про те що термін дії Публічного договору купівлі-продажу товарів з використанням паливних карток продовжено на 2023 рік.Внесення змін, щодо продовження терміну дії здійснюється шляхом використання паливних карток у 2023 році та/або шляхом оплати рахунків.Текст договору ви можете знайти за посиланням:

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